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I’m from New Zealand, the first nation in the world to allow adult women to vote, where we drive at 15 years old, and where more than half of the population own a car. The country that spends less time learning foreign languages than any other OECD country, where we have 8 sheep to each human, and where 22 per cent of our residents were born overseas. One of the world’s least populated countries that has become best known internationally as “middle earth” due to the filming of The Lord of The Rings. A place that is treasured most by those with a love for the outdoors, rugby, and golf, with more golf courses (and interestingly, bookshops) per capita than any other country in the world. A place that is also called Aotearoa, and where we refer to ourselves as “kiwis” after our native and flightless bird. New Zealand is home, but for this wondering Kiwi it’s also more than 9,000 kilometers away.


I moved to South America for a six-month adventure – in 2011. I loved learning a new language and exploring the idiosyncrasies of both my culture as well as others, so much that I decided to make “living abroad” work for me (despite my affection for New Zealand). I love attempting to understand different people, their perspectives, how they operate and develop, what makes them thrive. I also love creativity and find myself constantly intrigued by person-centric research within the context of small to medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship. I’m lucky enough to be involved with exactly this type of research in my professional time, working-with or supporting researchers in Chile and in New Zealand respectively for various projects where my involvement can be of use.


I’m a huge fan of creative expression, and love to indulge my creative-passions from time-to-time through a variety of mediums. A not-for-profit photography firm I started a number of years back has provided me with a great avenue to do this. The focus of the firm was to establish a professional photography practice and off-set the income with pro-bono work for my local community in Wellington. Now that I’m situated internationally however, I’m looking at bringing the firm to a close. Music writing is another creative outlet, which I always make time to enjoy. I love creating music at home or with friends or even simply enjoying the pleasures of great music recordings with a glass of red wine. I can’t get enough female Jazz vocalists, and have a special affliction for Ella Fitzgerald.

Lists, as structured and boring as they sound, would probably be my inner-geek super power, if there was such a thing. I make lists for the things that are important to me, and delight over writing new items down, almost as much as eventually crossing items off. Not surprisingly therefore I have a 20’s to do list, which is my version of a “bucket-list” (but time-bound), which I share with my friends and occasionally write about on my very personal, personal-blog. Feel free to explore at your own risk using the links on the above menu, or share content/connect via the services indicated on the colorful buttons below.


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